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LGHS - Restorative Justice

Conflict Resolution Leader

Le Grand High School has adopted a restorative discipline policy that focuses on student responsibility, accountability, and a goal of restoration for all the impacted by the offense. A restorative justice system prefers that the decisions be made in a cooperative process by all of the impacted parties rather than just the authorities.


The Thinkery is designed to help students “think” about their refusal to cooperate. It provides an opportunity for the student to reconsider his/ her decision and continue to find constructive ways to make things as right as possible. This is accomplished by having the Conflict Resolution Leader talking to the student about what he/she has been doing and experiencing along with its impact on the teacher, other students, and the community. The goal is to use each conflict and or misbehavior to help students learn respect, critical thinking, and cooperation while improving relationships and building a sense of community life in and outside the classroom.



< Throughout the years we've noticed many of our student's struggles, we learn how it affects the students and why their behavior is affecting their education. We work with students by communicating and making connections. It is important to understand what the student goes through to better fit the student's needs. No child left behind. (draft) We will work diligently to help students succeed. > 


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Bayden Cevonte
Cevonte Bayden
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Activities Director
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Alternative Means of Discipline Director/ Restorative Justice Coordinator
Fernando Maciel
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