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 Top 40 Return To In-Person Learning FAQs



What will the screening process be for students entering campus? 

Self-screening, temperature scan, hand sanitizing, and face mask required, we will have signage at points of entry, using the definitions for COVID-19. Similar messaging will be communicated through phone calls, ParentSquare, and websites. See CDC guidelines regarding screening at schools: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/symptom-screening.html

Will students/staff be required to wear masks/face shields the entire time on campus? What type of masks/face coverings will be allowed? 

All students and staff will be required to wear masks when on campus. Masks must fit against the sides of the face without any gaps. They must also cover your nose and mouth. 

How do schools plan to enforce social distancing guidelines during lunch/passing periods/breaks? 

All staff will monitor students during breaks to make sure social distancing is being adhered to. Also, signs will be posted around campuses to remind students to keep a distance between each other to prevent contraction and spread. Two students at one time in the restrooms.  This will be monitored. 

How many students will be allowed in each classroom? 

16 students max depending on the size of the classroom. Larger class sizes may allow for more students and smaller classes will require less. 

What extra cleaning/sanitation measures will take place to make sure schools are safe?

Common areas and individual classrooms including student desks will be cleaned and sanitized daily utilizing electrostatic sprayers. Classrooms will also be stocked with sanitation wipes. Frequently touched surfaces including door handles, countertops, and shared office equipment will be cleaned and sanitized multiple times each day. Individual office spaces and desks will be cleaned and sanitized by the staff member occupying that workspace. We have designated restroom(s) for staff, students, and visitors use and ensure they are cleaned and sanitized on a regular interval. Hand sanitizing stations have been placed in several locations throughout every campus.

Will my child be transported to school? 

Yes, transportation will publicize bus stop information the week before November 2. 

What preventative measures have been added to buses? 

Only 1 student will be allowed per seat and masks will be required. Windows will be down as weather permits for circulation and buses will be thoroughly cleaned at the conclusion of every route. Sanitation wipes will also be available. Due to limited seating guidelines, we may have double routes to and from school.

What is the protocol for a student/staff member exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID? 

If someone exhibits symptoms at school, they will be sent to the identified isolation room for further assessment by the nurse. Students will then be sent home. A staff member exhibiting symptoms should stay home and contact Dr. Martinez or Ms. Alley. 

What is the protocol if a student/teachers test positive?

If there is a positive case, trained contact tracers will interview the positive person. Based on that interview, close contacts will be notified and sent home to isolate per MCDPH guidelines. All other staff and students at the location will be notified via email/in person that there was a positive case on their campus. If a teacher tests positive, they will follow quarantine/isolation guidelines and the district will contact trace (see above). Angela Flores will work with the employee to develop a return to work plan.

Who teaches students that are quarantined for 10 days and chose in-person? 

If a class is quarantined, the teacher will be working from home to provide instruction via Go to Training as possible.  A sub will be available to the students in the class who are not in quarantine.

If the school has many active cases of COVID, will it be shut down again? What is that number? 

We will follow the guidance provided by the Merced County Department of Public Health. 

Will staff be tested for COVID? How often? 

We are working with San Joaquin Drug out of Planada to come to campus for surveillance testing. This is free for all staff.  There are numerous sites within the county that do testing for free. We will advertise these for both students and staff.

When will teachers/students be trained on the safety protocols?

All staff has been trained by Terri Prichard. Students will learn safety protocols prior to their first day back on campus. Safety protocols will be reviewed bi-weekly on Wellness Wednesdays for all students.


What will school look like for students on A/B schedule?

Students will have class every day but only be on campus two days per week. Students whose last name begins with A-L will attend class on Mondays and Thursdays, students whose last name begins with M-Z will attend school on Tuesdays and Fridays.  All students are home on Wednesdays and will log on the days they’re not on campus, students will log into their classes from home and learn synchronously.

Will my child have the same classes they have now? 

Your child will have the same classes through December 18th.  The only change will be the time of the class.  We have a new bell schedule beginning October 26, 2020.

What will the class length be? 

Classes are held for 1 hour. 

Will the Distance Learning bell schedule be the same as the A/B schedule? 

Yes, the schedules will be the same whether your student is at school or home. 

If a parent has children in high school and elementary school, can they be placed on the same A/B schedule?  

At this time we cannot guarantee that children in elementary school and high school will be on the same schedule.  We will work diligently with the feeder districts to make the best accommodations possible.

What is the deadline for parents to decide A/B or Distance Learning? 

The deadline is Wednesday, October 21st. Families we do not hear from will automatically be placed on A/B.  A second window for in-person learning will open in December.


For A/B students, will their "off" day be synchronous or asynchronous? 

Synchronous. Teachers will be instructing all students every day. Some will be in person (A/B schedule), and some will log in from home according to the school's bell schedule (distance learning).

Will the same classes be offered to distance learning students as in person students? 


How will this affect AP courses?

At this time, AP courses are offered in our spring semester.

How will CTE/lab courses work for A/B? 

Student desks/work areas shall be placed six feet apart from one another and arranged facing in one direction. Students should be issued their own individual tools, equipment, and supplies and avoid the 

use of shared equipment as much as possible. Teachers will develop systems for assigning and collecting equipment/tools ensuring that students maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Will students be sharing classroom set textbooks and supplies? What about novels for English, how will students have access to books? 

Sharing of any school materials will  be minimized. If materials are being shared. They must be wiped down and sanitized after each use.

How will PE work under the new safety protocols? 

Students will not dress out and locker rooms will be closed. Teachers will establish a class meeting location for roll call that facilitates physical distancing. Outdoor locations should be prioritized for all activities, weather permitting. District will decide when the use of weight rooms and other indoor workout facilities will open and the district will follow CDPH guidance for gyms and fitness facilities. Equipment sharing will be kept to a minimum. Any shared equipment shall be sanitized between student uses. Students should be encouraged to wear masks during low intensity activities including walking and stretching. Masks are not required during medium and high intensity activities including weight lifting, running, calisthenics, or individual skill drills. Social distancing should be maintained to the greatest extent possible during all PE activities.

Will 504/IEP/etc meetings still be held via GoogleMeet/Zoom or will be required to hold them on campus? 

Meetings can be held via GoogleMeet/Zoom. If parents need help with access, they can come to campus and we can hold the meeting in person (if necessary) or we can set parents up with a computer on the site and the team members can participate via GoogleMeet/Zoom.

How will Special Education students receive service minutes on their asynchronous days in the hybrid model?

All special education service minutes will be provided synchronously or in-person.  

What is “Broadcasting”? 

Broadcasting means: teachers are simultaneously teaching full time distance learning students, A/B students in person, and A/B students not on campus. Broadcasting allows: students and teachers to keep their same class schedule, students to keep their current teachers.




How will lunch be affected for students on campus? 

Students will have a grab and go lunch and breakfast.  School will be dismissed at 12:20 and lunch will not be served on campus at this time.

Will my child still receive meals if they are on distance learning? 

Yes. Nutrition Services will create and publicize a schedule for a pick-up.

How will staff members working from home due to compromised immune systems or child care be affected? 

Staff with an approved HR accommodation due to medical reasons with a current medical note will continue to work from an isolated room on campus or if not available from home per their doctor’s orders. If they would like to return to in-person teaching, they will need a doctor’s note to clear them to come back. All staff without an approved medical accommodation will be expected to return to campus.  

What is the process if a staff member’s child has to quarantine due to possible exposure at their school site and the staff member must stay home with them? Do they have to use their own sick time? 

If someone in your household tests positive, the entire household will need to quarantine and you would qualify for 10 days up to 80 hours of paid leave under HR6201. 

Will transportation be provided for students on Distance Learning that wish to participate in extracurricular activities like sports?

Students will need to arrange their own transportation to campus for practice and for home competitions. Travel to away competitions will be provided by the district.

What happens when/if the county falls back into the purple tier?

The District will be able to continue in-person instruction depending on the guidance provided by the county health department.  The District may choose to put all students on Distance Learning if cases rise in our Tri-District area.

If we do move back into the purple tier and in-person instruction is still allowed, can families with students on A/B move them back to Distance Learning?

Yes. Also, students on Distance Learning wishing to switch to A/B will only be allowed to do so at the times provided by the District to enroll for in-person instruction.